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Something i just tried helped alot. although it may have been my motrin 800mg or the steroids im taking kicking in, but warm milk, as disgusting as it tasted, seemed to help a bunch. Just hold your nose and take one or two gulps. Put a cup of it in the microwave 30 sec then stir and put it back in there for 10-25 sec.

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I haven't tried the warm milk yet, but hint: add some vanilla extract to the warm milk... it makes it taste like a milkshake ... but warm. yummy! Hope this helps.

b rohrbaugh

the warm milk made it hurt so bad that if ida had a gun ida blew my jaw off


Warm milk sounds bad though I suppose it might work for some.I have always used cold milk.Hold some in your mouth for a while and then spit it out it seems to relieve the pain for a little while at least.

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