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I find that in addition to staying hydrated, rested, and staying away from coffee, electrolytes seem to help. When the pain hits, I mix a glass of strong Gatorade into very cold water (I use the original flavor of Gatorade powder). If possible, I use electrolyte enhanced water (like Smart Water or the Trader Joe's brand).

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Coconut water would actually be better in rehydrating you. It's loaded with antioxidants and has mote potassium then a banana. It's more hydrating then any sports drink out there. They have naturally flavored ones that are as good to taste as they are for you. They're excellent after being physical and help you get over a night of drinking much faster.


You have to be careful with mixing gadarade with lower amounts of water. Too much sodium (the electrolytes) can cause high blood pressure and make your migraines worse.

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