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The best remedy I have found for chigger bites is to cover the red spot with a small piece of adhesive tape. It helps to clean the spot with alcohol first. The tape sticks better. The itching stops immediately. Leave the tape on for 24 hours. When you remove the tape, examine it with a magnifying glass. You will see the chigger attached to the tape. I live in Texas and we have plenty of them.

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God bless you, the adhesive tape really helps with the itch and I think may even remove some of the enzyme when you remove the tape, thus and hopefully reduce healing time of the spots. Thank you!


I always used just rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball to dab at the bites. the itching stopped immediately, and I was done.


chiggers do not stay in your skin after they bite, so how is it that you can see them on the tape afterward?

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