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lucas m

iv gotten plenty of ingrown tonails durring football season they are very painfull. i have found the best way to get rid INSTENTLY is to first put a antibiodic ointment ir soke it in water for about 15-30min losten the sides of the toe. Next take a pair of toenail trimmers and snip a small crack into the side of the toenail then using the clippers or a needle nose pliers or such to grab and pull out the ingrown toenail part( this can be painfull but its quck and effective so you can go about your life normally). after this put aintobiodic ointment on the edge and place a bandade on allowing it to heal.

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The only issues with this remedy is that even though its an immediate fix/relief, it will continue happening over and over again as you continue to cut it back and pull it out...I have done this same thing since I was a little girl, and now at 30 am trying to get rid of the will want to find a way to let the nail grow out past that corner skin that continues to keep the nail from growing properly...


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and never in my life will i take pliers to a toenail. have you ever heard of tweezers?


Levi, you're in no position to be giving advice when your grammar and capitalization is just as bad as his spelling.


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