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Combo of Remedies--My legs were practically jumping by themselves before I even got in bed last night. I got on here & read through all the suggestions & then tried the ones that stood out to me and/or the ones I had the 'cures' for already.

I drank a glass of water with 3-4 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar & 2 tbsp. of blackstrap molasses in it (lots of iron in molasses). Then I followed it with a cup of Naked Juice--the green kind called 'Super Food'--because it has 400 mg. of Potassium in it. Oh yeah, and I ate probably 8-10 berry-flavored Tums for the calcium. I started with the Tums & usually they take the edge off enough that I can sleep, but they weren't even touching last night's jumpiness.

For whatever reason, the other stuff worked & I went to sleep with no trouble whatsoever & didn't wake up my husband or myself with my legs 'jumping' & 'jerking' throughout the night. I'll definitely try it again to see if it was a fluke or if I've finally hit on something that works for me!

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