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this works reall good!----cut one strawberry in half,
put in a little cup that is a bit wet inside,
put in a teaspoon of baking powder,
mash and mix and it should foam a little,
then brush your teeth with it!

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I will def try this~!

Scott smith

Do u wan't us to collect stawberry are you gone mad, you are really gone mad. We had asked the remedies to whiten the teeth not to remove black circles on our face. these ingidents are used to make face packs not for teek.. stupid..


That was very mean... If you have nothing nice to say PLEASE don't comment! That's just rude!


This post was very helpful.. whoever wrote that it was stupid... do your research before knocking someone's information. Just because it sounds unconventional does not mean it is incorrect. This research is well backed and does work, I tried it (without telling anyone) and everyone has noticed my whiter smile. Obviously it does not work as quickly as bleach at a dentist's office, but better than any other remedy I've tried.. and I've tried many!

Dr. Chris

Actually I have seen many people use this remedy for whitening of the teeth. I work in a dentist office, and have been using this method to whiten my teeth. This is proven to whiten your teeth! You can use this once a week only as it will deteriate your enamel. Does not work as fast as bleaching at the Dentist's! Regular check up with a dentist is required to keep your smile looking more white & healthy!


I just tried this method, and my teeth look brighter than before I did it. Crazy!!!


I tried it and it worked pretty well.. I just have two questions... do we have to brush with ALL of it because that's a lot of paste? and two... how long should we brush for?

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