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My abscess is rather advanced... it's been coming on over a period of a year or more and then came to a crisis state about 3 months ago. Mostly after lots of garlic capsules + raw garlic + no sugar, + mostly organic diet, it has stayed in remission with just a hint of flaring up during times of high stress or little sleep.

I'm sharing this because people's abscesses are at differing states. So while for me this Tea Tree Oil recommendation worked well for only about 1 or 2 hours and then quickly wore off, similar to benefit I've experienced from wild Oregano Oil drops directly on the affected gum tissue.

Typically I use the shotgun approach when the abscess starts flaring up and take and do everything I can think of. Probably the best thing to do is either have the tooth pulled.

At one point I believe my life was in serious jeopardy (when I experienced the crisis). My heart was hurting, the ear on the same side as the abscess was buzzing to the point I couldn't sleep without the TV on. I have not tried the lancing & drain, but the tea bag didn't help me much today, but upon adding some sea salt between the tea bag & abscess it seemed to help.

About 20 minutes ago I tried the Grapefruit Seed Extract method and so far so good. If it puts me into remission, I'll post another comment.

This site is a really big help. Thank you to the daring souls who put it up for us!

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