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This is an old Chinese remedy that my mother used to do on me and anyone who was sick (whether it was fever, headache, flu, etc.) and it does wonders.

First you boil an egg or two until it's done, and you take the shell off (quickly, because the heat will escape. You need a hot egg for this to work, not a warm one), stick a coin in it (we always used a coin made of real silver, I think), and wrap it in a cloth.

Then rub that rigorously over the forehead, chest, stomach, and back (this will burn, because the egg is really hot) until the egg becomes warm. When you take the silver coin out, it should have become dark (my mother said this was because the egg 'captured' the sickness from the body).

Repeat one or two more times, and you should feel better instantly. It always worked for me.

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Your a fried egg



Epicenter of Epic Epochs

Hahajahahaha epic fail!


Oi don't mock the old Chinese remedy!
Nonsense as it may sound, it works.
Try if you don't believe.


I don't care if the yolk tarnishes it or not, if it works I'll do it.

Natural is the way

If you try it and it didn't work then you can knock it. Until then your negative comments just sounds ignorant and racist. There's a reason why natural remedies work. Also, if it doesn't work it just don't work. What harm has it done? Where as you go to a hospital and just for them to tell you you have a fever (which you already know) and charge you hundreds of dollars. Don't even get me started on what negative side affects of what modern medicine can do to you.


I'm an ancient China ethnicity called Hmong or Miao and we always practice this ancient healing. I'm just shocked that this is considered ancient since we use it all the time. It could be that we hold on to ancient practice strongly even though we migrated out of China a long time ago. Anyhow I use this all the time on myself and family. It's what I use especially for babies since they are so little.


Very effective 5 - 10 mins can take off your headache and fever.

Your mom

It’s called cultural differences. Don’t have to be douches!

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