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This is an old Chinese remedy that my mother used to do on me and anyone who was sick (whether it was fever, headache, flu, etc.) and it does wonders.

First you boil an egg or two until it's done, and you take the shell off (quickly, because the heat will escape. You need a hot egg for this to work, not a warm one), stick a coin in it (we always used a coin made of real silver, I think), and wrap it in a cloth.

Then rub that rigorously over the forehead, chest, stomach, and back (this will burn, because the egg is really hot) until the egg becomes warm. When you take the silver coin out, it should have become dark (my mother said this was because the egg 'captured' the sickness from the body).

Repeat one or two more times, and you should feel better instantly. It always worked for me.

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Placebo effect. It works for most everything.


Eggs contain potassium sulfide, which is a chemical that quickly tarnishes silver. It's going to turn any real silver coin black. Jewelers do this when they want to purposely 'age' a new piece of work.

searching for answers

Egg tarnishes silver!!!!!!!! That's why you NEVER should use real silver when eating an egg, because you will destroy the patina forever. Go back & try again... :)

Trish from Chinatown NYC

LOL...'Ancient Chinese Secret'


it really works

youre stupid

you do realize that egg yolk makes silver black.... right?

Soulless freak

this method got into 9gag =P


Totally tarnishes silver anyway. (Thx 9gag!)


2 Ag + H2S -> 2 AgS + H2
That akward moment when Chemistry explains everything and made up ancient bullshit doesn't.


Your an egg

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