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This WORKS!!!start tx early in flea season, I have used for years, forgot where I found it.
1 cup borax
1 cup baking soda
1 cup table salt.
Mix well and sprinkle evenly as possible on carpet, area rugs.
Leave overnight, vaccum well the next day. Repeat within 30 days, then as needed. I usually do it twice in warm/hot months. When you find it works then you can mix a large equal batch and save in plastic container, large salt shaker, what is best for you.
Non toxic. Repeat as needed.
Works like a charm. we have had at once 2 dogs extra large one Benji size indoor/outdoor. 5 cats indoor/outdoor..NO FLEAS = HAPPY FAMILY

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Borax IS toxic.


Borax is a cleaner used for laundry and miscellaneous cleaning around the house. Maybe you are thinking of boric acid.
I know that borax helps with flea infestations.


Thank you so much for this remedy. I did this in my family room where I had tons of fleas. After I kept the mixture on the floor for 5 days I then vacuumed my family room. Since then I have not had any fleas. I still keep putting the mixture down just to keep the fleas away. I feel so relieved. Thank You...


Borax is the same thing as boric acid. It is non toxic- it is used in many toothpastes, shampoos, laundry soap, etc.


can it be used on furniture, what about the cat and dogs!lol


I just bought boric acid yesterday for ants around my outside trash can and it says on the container that it is harmful to humans and domestic animals and do not use near food prep areas. To me, that spells toxic!


I have used Borax in the pat but this mixture seems to work even better!!!!! I also take small plates and put rock salt on them - slide them under couches and such - the larva are drawn to it and they die!!!! Works great in combination with this treatment!!!!!!!

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