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At first you have to keep your feet dry, dry, dry! So dry them thoroughly after every washing. Additionaly use newsprint inside your shoes because it absorbs moisture. But even better: Put special cedarsoles (insoles from Zederna or furwa) in your shoes. They absorb any moisture / sweat very effectively and moreover: Cedarwood has very antibacterial features (even used in the boat-building sector). So you get rid of athlete's foot as well.

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first hand advice

Rotate your shoes,so important.
They need to dry out or fungal/ bacteria will grow.
Add baking soda or corn startch to your shoes each morning. Once/twice a week use a pumace stone on dry feet, soak in :1/2 cup kosher salt & sugar, 1 tablespoon olive oil or glycerin add to hot water soak for 20-30 minutes. Dry well rubbing feet. Apply utter cream or cocoa butter and put on soaks wear overnight.


I use the insoles made of cedarwood too. They had a very great effect. My food odor is gone and I'm very happy about it. I like it;-).

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