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I have had Planters Warts on my feet when I was a teenager. I would get them from the public swimming pool while taking my swimming lessons. No word of a lie, I went to my doctor and he suggested that I place peanut butter on the warts and have my dog lick it. Appenrently, the dog's saliva has a healing property that kills the root. Thankfully I did have a dog and tried it. It worked everytime!

Today, my daughter now has these planter warts for the same reason and she is 6. The option of using the over the counter meds on her sensitive skin aren't an option (they do breakdown the healthy skin surrounding the warts). I went along and did the Peanut Butter test with my Mother in law's dog (whom I have takin in for a few days) and the root of the wart is now surfacing. The best is watching and listening to my daughter laughing histarically while the dog is licking her little toes!

I may consider using the Vinegar remedy next mother in laws dog is old and has really stinky farts! But as an alternative to all these postings...the peanut butter thing works too! :)

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paid a doctor

Farts do realy smell its nice to know people and dogs can fix the problem by drinking vinager,however the wart removal can be miss leading when you relize that a planter wart is called a planter wart because it has seedings which can be spread from area to area reseeding themselfs thus spreading the condition to more locations on youre body,the pets toungue is just a spreader instrument at that point not actualy a cure.

paid a doctor

And added comment pets need antibiotics for cures as well,and hope you understand why they need vacinnes too.The disease factors can be fatal for animal and human.

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