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First off, thank you to whoever reads this story. I am very thankful to how this has helped my life and will do anything possible to help you in the same way. In my opinion, it is a miracle. My girlfriend is in awe, and I thank god everyday. My cell phone and email are at the bottom, so please call or write as I am here to help.

I have had visible, good sized genital warts for around 2 years now.. They have gotten worse over time (more of them and larger) but I have always been too shy and havent had the money to go to doctor to get them burned off... I did go online and buy healing natural oils, Heal Warts, and put it on 3 times a day like it says for 2 straight months (an entire bottle worth) and it never worked... My girlfriend did go to doctor and they gave her Aldara creme but she had hers burned off so she gave me the presription, and I put the creme on for 5 doses worth (which they say should do the job) but I never saw any improvement... My next step was going to be to go online and fake my way into getting a presription for I think it is called Condylox (the stuff that, from what everyone has said online at all the places I have read about warts, works, but leaves horrible pain and usually scarring).... I was desperate though and these things were getting worse... my only options left were going to a doctor and having them lasered off (which I was way embarresed about and is very expensive and I have no health insurance) or I could get the script online and have serious pain and burning using that gel... ugh, howd this happen?

The miracle: I have bad back pains, so I visited a family doctor in Harrisonburg, VA where I live... she recommended a chiropractor and said if I was open minded, to try this new functional health drink that she said some of her patients were experiencing incredible results with... It's made with a fruit from thailand and the company is 9th largest in US history yet only 6 years old... OK, I would do anything to get rid of my pain... and if my doctor says it's helping other people, then why not, I'm an open minded person...

Long story short, 2 weeks later, my back was feeling slightly better, but what was amazing is my warts were literally 50% smaller. I never told my doctor I had the warts, just told her about my back pain, and I never even thought about my warts while taking drinking a shot of this stuff 3 times a day.
4 weeks into taking this stuff, my warts were about 75% smaller and some started to disapear completely. My girlfriend literally at this point thought it was a miracle. 8 weeks in, the warts are almost completely gone. You visibly can barely see them at all. I am now at my 12 week mark and I have had none coming back. I have never felt better, and thank god for this fruit that someone decided to put in a drink and sell to people. I honestly have never been so happy in my life. And to think, all I was trying to do was get my back to stop hurting... Isn't it funny how things fall into place sometimes?

I spent hours upon hours online reading peoples stories and how they have dealt with HPV. I felt obligated at this point to get online and post my story to as many people as I can. Even if only one of you benefits from this and I help you heal your HPV without the pain and scarring of conventional medicines and surgery, or I save one of you from wasting your money on the so called 'natural' ways of healing, I will feel like I did something great for someone else.

Please call or email me anytime, share your story with me if you would like, or simply ask me to share with you the product that has given me more than I ever could have imagined without even knowing.

Thanks and God bless, I look forward to helping you in the near future...

239-989-9642 - cell - email

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your a conman, I bet you are sitting in Nigeria waitng to get busted by Cris Hansan. I can't beleve they accepted this post on this site.


i dont know but you never mention the name of the fruit and the ninth largest hmm i work for the one of the 25th largest corporations on the usa and i cant think of no juice company begin the 9th largest company in the usa.. just say the name of the fruit and the drink...


he is selling the drink. I call BS.


This guys is a conman he has posts on other sites anout a magic fruit juice and the fruit is nver revealed. Y? Bcuz it doesn't exist.neither does the companny. If he was truly tryin to help ppl he would name the company and fruit. Do not waste ur time or money ordering that stuff

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