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To speed up healing time of an outbreak, I used 'new skin' it's liquid band-aid. Dont ask me what made me think of it, but the first of my outbreak, i applied it that night and my sore healed that next mourning. my outbreaks usally last about 7-10 days. New skin is an antiseptic, it cleans and it kepts the sore dry to speed up healing. it does burns a little, but it definitely worked for me. i only tried it once about 3 months ago and i reapplied if any burning or itching occur before an outbreak and i haven't seem any outbreaks yet. please comment i would love to know if it really works.

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I started using a generic liquid bandaid with its added antiseptic within its container, and I've never before had a faster result. I've tried everything over the counter like lysine and abreva. These products do soothe, but healing time isn't shortened for me. Prescribed pills work, but it still takes weeks to heal. The only prescribed topical cream that works is acyclovir, but it is expensive and impossible to get with insurance in the states. It's a highly powerful product, very concentrated, but it's a shame that it is very difficult to get because it has a long shelf life and will last you a while. So, in the meantime, liquid bandaid has been the only thing to speed up the healing of these nasty cold sores on your face, to prevent touching and wetting them. Once the bandaid dries up and starts peeling, use rubbing alcohol to remove the bandaid without pain and add another layer of bandaid again.

Curious Chick

I want to try this... I swear I havent had an outbreak that was as painful as the one I have now . This mess is Awful... ob a couple days before my bf bday????????THE ACETONE POST???????????? THATS PROB NOT A GOOD IDEA... BTW does the liquid bandage dissolve when u shower or have sex.


Yep, I’m a believer. I rinsed with hydrogen peroxide, applied new skin to the inner lip where my ob was, and the next day it is almost gone. It burned like hell, but with it considering it’s a few seconds of pain versus days/weeks of pain. Just applied again tonight and I’m thinking I’ll be free and clear tomorrow. So glad I learned about this remedy!!


Hsv1 - face only

I did the same thing. Just randomly thought, you know what would put a physical barrier between these assholes and my son? Liquid bandage.

I freaking love it. It dries out the sore, covers it up, speeds up healing time, and is mostly invisible. Glad I’m not the only one!



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