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To speed up healing time of an outbreak, I used 'new skin' it's liquid band-aid. Dont ask me what made me think of it, but the first of my outbreak, i applied it that night and my sore healed that next mourning. my outbreaks usally last about 7-10 days. New skin is an antiseptic, it cleans and it kepts the sore dry to speed up healing. it does burns a little, but it definitely worked for me. i only tried it once about 3 months ago and i reapplied if any burning or itching occur before an outbreak and i haven't seem any outbreaks yet. please comment i would love to know if it really works.

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I tried this remedy and it really helped speed up the healing process. The sting is very painful at first but it works. I used liquid Band-Aid from CVS on blisters around/inside anal area. After a few days they were cleared up.


Liquid bandaid. IT really works. I found out by accident. I happened to be in the bathroom and I just used it for my herpes cold sore. It made a difference in the healing process and prevented further outbreak. Was thinking. Does the herpes cold sore need air to grow and heal when it is sealed? Just a thought.


Liquid bandaid works! Started getting an ob and applied as soon as i felt it. It was gone in about 3 days


If you put it on there before it turns into a blister or ulcer it won't burn


I thought I was the only one! How have the pharmacies not caught on to this?! Mine are literally gone within hours! I let it dry reapply let it dry reapply and a few hrs later i peel off the scab of bandaid and its gone! I used it on my face and downstairs and it works for both! AMAZING!


I take L-lysine and eat garlic cloves. Every once in a while I get a small sore and use the new skin liquid bandage. The sores go away over night!!

Cold sore for Christmas

Trying this on a cold sore. Christmas is in 6 days and I have a bunch of parties to go to. Normally the Abreva helps but of course not this time. I am really glad I found this. I hope it works as well as the posts indicate. It's a full blown sore on my bottom lip and I look like someone punched me in the face. I'll post back with an update.

Happy to share

apply 100 percent acetone rather than nail polish remover ... using a thoroughly soaked q-tip and apply directly on the outbreak .. hold the q-tip firmly on the outbreak .. repeat this 2 to 3 times for upto 10 to 15 minutes ... you should feel a sensation .. a tickle or slight pain .. keep in mind what is happening .. the acetone is killing the herpes virus has followed a nerve to the skin and has invaded and destroyed a limited number of skin cells .. the acetone is killing the herpes virus and the sensation is the body's way of letting you know that the acetone is also tracing the specific nerve endings from which the herpes virus came out of hiding ... once this initial treatment is at an end .. now apply a tincture of liquid skin which is protective but permeable.. then cover the area with generous amount of abreva .. the liquid skin disinfects the area and the abreva is absorbed by the healthy area skin cells not yet invaded .. last outbreak was 6 months ago, was reduced and lasted 3 days .. I used to get OB"s once a month or so .. a home remedy that works ... at least for me .. GL

Niraj Panchal

Hi guys, can a liquid bandage be applied to a Herpes outbreak even if its mentioned in the product description to not apply it in an infected area? Check under the "Warnings-Dont use" section of the liquid bandage product at below link and let me know if I should ignore it and apply it over the outbreak:


I had thought about using one of the liquid skin products for a long time but never actually tried it. I had my first "bad" outbreak on my cheek the other day - about the size of a silver dollar. I tried controlling it with Zovirax which, as usual, slowed it down rapidly. 24 hours later I gave a liquid skin product a try. Honestly, I was amazed. It halted the progress immediately. I think it has reduced the overall recovery time from 2 weeks to about 1. If I'd done it immediately, probably just a few days. I happened to use Germolene New Skin buy I don't suppose it matters.

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