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To speed up healing time of an outbreak, I used 'new skin' it's liquid band-aid. Dont ask me what made me think of it, but the first of my outbreak, i applied it that night and my sore healed that next mourning. my outbreaks usally last about 7-10 days. New skin is an antiseptic, it cleans and it kepts the sore dry to speed up healing. it does burns a little, but it definitely worked for me. i only tried it once about 3 months ago and i reapplied if any burning or itching occur before an outbreak and i haven't seem any outbreaks yet. please comment i would love to know if it really works.

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Using New-Skin Liquid Bandage, which is an antiseptic (8-hydroxyquinoline 1\\%) reallly does help battle the itching of Herpes 1 and speed up healing. It stings when you apply, and quick seals (better than some other liquid bandage brands). New-Skin can be taken off quickly with nail polish remover (acetone), but can also be peeled off once dry. I've noticed that outbreaks can be shortened from the average 2-3 weeks to about half that time. It's no miracle cure but it definitely works to help shorten outbreaks. I've also heard the taking Lysine supplements at the onset of outbreaks and during outbreaks also work to shorten the outbreak even further. I have started taking Lysine for just 5 days now so can't provide a personal review yet, but New-Skin really helps. I hope this advice will help others. Herpes 1 really sucks and for those who have it, you all know exactly how subtly I'm putting this :D LOL God bless.




I used it and it worked for the most part i just tried to sore at the top of my vagina and they were healed this morning, so i decided to use it for the ones that were more open and close to the inside of my vagina, hopefully i will wake up and they will be healed (crossing my fingers and knocking on wood.) I am also taking lysline it's been my first herpes outbreak and it has been by far the worst thing ever! im trying to pull through it.


ok ive been looking for remedies 4 ever im going str8t to cvs and buying this .


Hello, I am suffering my first OB from HSV-1 in my 'lady parts'. I read these recommendations online- bought New Skin (roughly about $4) it has been 24 hrs and there is a HUGE HUGE difference. It stung and burned soooo bad to put in on the first time but I promise you it is worth it! I applied using a new q-tip each time i dipped. To ease the burning I used a hair dryer on cool- it helps but still will burn. I then applied my numbing jelly. Thank you for this recommendation it saved me!


I used this and it worked great for me. I always get a small out break in the same spot. After applying the Nu skin, it was almost gone the next day. Thanks for posting this!


I have had gh for a year now and just tryed the new skin 2 days ago it seems to have helped it to start healing but rips the scab off when being active so I'm trying to do as less as possible hope this works! Thanks I'm a 25 year old man.


This worked, I have tried baking soda and vinegar, I take daily Valtrex but seem to get outbreak each month when ovulation is nearing, since we're trying to conceive, it's very frustrating. I bought Liquid Bandage at Walmart, applied 3 times a day with q-tip and there was nothing there in 2 days, the outbreak was gone. I was shocked and hoping it continues to work each time I get outbreaks in future. Recommend it !


I tried it this month, felt outbreak first few days of month and applied liquid bandage 3 times a day, burned like hell. Outbreak did go awayin 2 days. I felt outbreak again a few days ago, started applying liquid bandage but it has only decreased the itching, the outbreak is very visible and shows no signs of leaving, I suggest you give it a try, might work for you.


I use hydrogen peroxide and nu skin every time there's an ob and it cuts it down to a few days i only have one spot on my inner thigh and it burns like hell, but it works. Been using it for a year since I was diagnosed

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