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vanessa paige

If I can help one mother out there to help her children with eczema this is it.
I have 2 children with atopic ezcema who have had 3 hospitalisation. Finally I have found relief my children sleep through at last and do not scratch anymore. Their skin is glowing and it is so simple.
1/2 cup White king in the bath at night
After they get out of bath moisturise and then cover them in zinc cream. It soothes the skin and acts as a barrier we are in week 2 they there eczema has disappeared and I had tried everything. Creams, antibiotics etc who would have thought it be this simple. It is not diet related.

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I agree...I think she meant bleach baths which are safe....if you measure the bleach carefully...get the dilution correct. If you think about it...every time you go into a swimming pool, you are essentially in a bleach bath. I also agree that you should only do bleach baths occasionally. Epsom salt baths are also effective and is known to draw toxins out of the body which is definitely beneficial for eczema sufferers.


i would stay away from this. my boys' skin reddened (even more than before) and blistered after 2nd day attempting this, and i was very careful with the dilution. try at your own risk. maybe this is a miracle cure for some people, but just hope people will be careful with it.

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