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vanessa paige

If I can help one mother out there to help her children with eczema this is it.
I have 2 children with atopic ezcema who have had 3 hospitalisation. Finally I have found relief my children sleep through at last and do not scratch anymore. Their skin is glowing and it is so simple.
1/2 cup White king in the bath at night
After they get out of bath moisturise and then cover them in zinc cream. It soothes the skin and acts as a barrier we are in week 2 they there eczema has disappeared and I had tried everything. Creams, antibiotics etc who would have thought it be this simple. It is not diet related.

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Where do you buy White King? They still make it?


White King? Like the bleach?


what is white king? is it a soap? where can I buy it I am desperate! My baby girl has ezcema.


where can i get this stuff?


Where can u buy white king and what is it??


i have the same question everyone else has. What is white king and where can I buy it?


But White King is a cleaning product for tiles???

...what made you use that??


i have the same question as everybody else. what is white king and where can i purchase this product??


After reading a few remedies used, I was very shocked when i came across this post which encourages the use of White King in baths. Please DO NOT use White King on your children, it is a bleach used for cleaning tiles, toilets and bathrooms. It is a highly powerful/poisonous cleaning agent.They don't even recommend you use it on chipped enamel bathtubs. And always advises that you wear gloves.

Please do your research and consult your doctor before trying any remedies. And its probably best to get ideas from more reputable peoples.


I think they're referring to bleach baths. Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of bleach to a tub full of warm water. Have the person submerge themselves in it (except for their head). Sit in it for 10 minutes. Get out, dry off and apply moisturizer. You should only do bleach baths twice a week at most.

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