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I tried most of the remedies, and they worked for a while, but the condition always returned. Most fungicides are made with copper salts, so I made a copper toe ring. I wear it all the time and have been symptom free for 20 years, except the time I lost it once and the itching came back. The ring has to fit very closely, so it has to be custom made.

The best way I have found to make one is to tie a small copper wire (14 to 24 ga) snugly around the toe with a simple overhand knot. Slip it off carefully trying not to stretch it much larger and solder the ring together. Cut and file off the excess, then work the ring back on. It will not be easy to get it on, but once you do you can forget it.

If your toe turns green, then you really needed to wear some copper because your body chemistry was deficient in copper too.

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Unlike other remedies, this has the advantage that the 'medication' is there 24/7, not just twice a day.


'if your toe turns green, you needed copper....' WOW! do you sell 'Miracle Snake Oil' in your spare time ?!!! What a pile of crap! Your skin turns green because the copper reacts with the salt in your perspiration to form GREEN verdigris (copper chloride). Read a REAL book sometime....there are NO miracles like a copper ring....Christ...some people will believe matter how stupid it is.

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