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for a cough that you cannot control, kid or grownup, Rub Vicks Vaporub on the bottom of the feet and put on Sox and cough will stop within 5 minutes

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Did not work on my 17 mth old.


Totally worked for me two nights in a row!


Did not work for me at all

Claudia help at all on my 7 year old girl


I think it does work with my 3 years old daughter...I have put vicks in her feet and after few minutes i have not heard any cough then...


i think it does work. temporarily.


I am on my second antibiotic in a month for bronchitis. The cough today was horrible and I coughed almost constantly for 4 hours this evening waiting for Tessalon perle medication to be ready at pharmacy. I googled home remedies and found this Vicks remedy. I figured what the heck, I'll try anything at this point and lo and behold it worked. I went almost 1/2 hr before I coughed again and even that was not as bad. It has lessened greatly and is not as severe when I cough. I will definitely pass this on to friends and family.


The reason why it may not work for many is because they aren't putting enough Vix on the feet. You have to put a THICK layer and make sure you put THICK socks if not put double socks. This does work if it is done CORRECTLY.

Pissed off

Yea, fuck this, I tried it and now my nose is pouring blood.


I was coughing almost continually with a dry hacking cough. I googled cough remedies
and came across putting vicks on the feet & thought It can't hurt so i tried it & it totally worked for about 3 hours after which i applied it again. Try it!

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