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I work with kids and when any of them come down with a cough/sore throat I boil water for tea (usually the regular lipton). Make the tea super hot and add 2 mentho-lyptus cough drops, the Halls Honey Lemon is usually best as far as flavor goes. Stir the tea occasionally until the cough drops melt. My kids don't like plain tea so I add milk and sugar for taste and I'll give them 3 or 4 cups in a day and have them gargle with salt water in between.

You can feel the soothing tea in your nose, throat and chest so this is also good for coughs and congestion.

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daughter of a school nazi

i have been out of school for two days with sore throat, nausea, stuffy nose, and chesty cough. i've been trying the whole over the counter medicine, theraflu cough medicine strips, cough drops, plain tea, anything to help this. my thoat has been getting increasingly worse and now it hurts to swallow anything. i tried the teaspoon of honey and as soon as it hit my stomach i felt my nausea come back. so im trying this and hopefully it will work, i have school in 4 hours, and my mom is making me go, so i will post how it works


tyrin this out right now ... hope it works

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