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John Phillips

Hi all.
I can strongly recommend a ointment called ''Triamcinolone Acetonide''.
I went to the doctors for a unrelated thing last week and he suggested it.
After only 1 day I saw a HUGE difference, the white scales completly vanished.
I have been using it twice a day for a week now, no more scales. The redness is still there but is getting better each day.
The best thing is that it was dirt cheap, I have a decent prescription plan and the small tube only cost me around 3 dollars.
I have had psoriasis for about 10 years now, steadily getting worse each year. I have spent probably Thousands of dollars trying to treat it.
This is by far the most effective thing I have tried.
I hope this helps someone, good luck to all of my fellow sufferers.

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i too have been using the triamcinolone cream for the last few months. I have had absoultley no luck with that. I actually came to this forum to find other healing methods because that is just not the cure for me.Last night I soakked in some epsom salt for about an hour and rubbed some vasaline with shea butter all over my body. (I have the disease on 90% of my body.)When I got out of the shower I looked in the mirror and noticed that the rough patches had broken up and were peeling off. I know it sounds graphic but I was so relieved. I havent felt so good in a long time!! I actually slept better too! The epsom salt helps relieves stress which is also one of the main causes of this disease. The remedy cost me uder 5 dollars. U have nothing tolose try this out! I know the triam cream is like 12 bucks but this treatment is natural. The drs are going to keep giving u this because they want to keep getting paid for u to visit them!!! i wish u the best!!!

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