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I've had one plantar wart on my foot for two years, but didn't realize what it was for about a whole year later. So this wart was growing on my foot and getting deeper and deeper into it without me even knowing.

Since my discovery of my little warty nemesis, I have been using Dr. Scholl's and Compound W's plantar wart pads. I will say that if you choose to use these, they do work, kind of. Dr. Scholl's takes longer but are less likely to slip, which means that they don't kill innocent skin. Compound W is stronger but they are more likely to slip around.

Well anyway, after using these wart pads for about 8 or 9 months, I really was able to get further down to the root of this big wart. Sadly the wart began infecting other areas of my foot, so I've been treating them as well (against the directions of Dr. Sholls, but I'm a risk-taker). They come off pretty easily SO LONG AS YOU DON'T PROCRASTINATE!!! I did for one of them and a nice little cluster grew out of that. Treat them quickly, they are easy to get rid of when they're little.

Well anyway, back to the big wart, my arch nemesis!! After months and months of applying the pad, ripping off the pads, apply and rip, etc, I got down to something VERY painful. I had never had any previous discomfort with my wart, but it seemed that the deeper area was connected to something even deeper, and it hurt, A LOT. I tried picking at it but it started to bleed a little and I couldn't work up the courage to pull at it.

I put some more pads on it and let them do their work for a few days, and it was less painful for me to tug at the skin so I just took the tweezers and ripped it off. Yeah that hurt a lot, but I revealed underneath a crater of really red, really painful skin. I mean MAN IT HURT.

I looked online because I was worried if this was a serious situation when I came across the Apple Cider Vinegar fix. I was skeptical but I did go and buy a small bottle of ACV, and an ace bandage. My experience with duct tape is that it's ineffective when applied to skin and just leave you with a sticky gross stuff so the ace bandage would hold the cotton ball in place.

Let me warn you. ACV is not pain free for everyone. When I applied the soaked cottonball....PAIN. It was burning like heck but I kept it on. I woke up several times in the morning because of the pain but I soldiered on through the night. I took it off in the morning and the red spot had turned a dark brown, kind of like a scab color. Walking was pretty difficult, it hurt whenever I stepped on it. But I did this nightly for three more days, until it was pain free and just a hard brown spot.

So I waited. About a week later, after taking a shower, I decided to go at it again with the tweezers. I picked at the brown spot which was absolutely PAINLESS (amazing!) and pumiced the skin underneath. The wart is not completely gone yet...they say its gone when you can see the lines on your skin, but I still see a little circle in the shape that it was before, but this time there is no cauliflower appearance, no raised white skin around it, and NO PAIN. I plan on using the wart pads again to take the next few layers off.

ACV works. I would say you need to get a little ways down in the skin layers before it works, that is to say, don't just put it on top of a previously untreated wart. Just be persistent and don't give up, I wish everyone luck in fighting their warts!

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