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I am a nurse and was not looking forward to bringing my 6 year old daughter in for freezing of her plantar wart. Looked on this site and did the following: Put vaseline on the surrounding tissue with a q-tip, pulled the cotton tip off another q-tip and saturated it in apple cider vinegar, placed on plantar wart each night and covered with bandaid and sock. Took off each morning. Took about 1 month for it to turn black, and has now almost completely fallen off with nice pink tissue underneath. The best part was it was COMPLETELY PAINLESS!!

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well, I have a plantar wart, and a couple weeks ago I noticed a little mini one growing next to it. I found in a book that rubbing castor oil on it then applying a bandage helps. I've done the treatment twice and it's already turning black and dying. It really helps and it takes the hurt away too. I recommend it for people with beginner warts. (I've only had mine for a couple months.)

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