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Pick two corners in a room in your house. Take several deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, while your eyes waggle between these two corners. This 'eye waggle' is similar to watching a ping-pong match.

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Anytime I take one I either pull my hair, rub a textured material(petting a cat or something rough) also I breathe in my nose through my mouth. I find most of mine come after a dream that I cannot remember. Which is really funny because I can remember every dream that I have except for the ones that I take attacks after! Going for a walk is also a help, fresh air works wonders for sure!


Is this similar to the EMDR technique? Also, in reference to the last response, I also seem to be startled awake 1 hour after falling asleep (heart pounding, thinking I'm dying, intense anxiety..often get in the car and drive toward the hospital until it calms down) as if from an intense or frightening dream, but I never remember the dream. In general, however, I recall tons of dreams, usually every night. Kind of peculiar...

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