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This is a CURE for people who are repeatedly afflicted by shingles. Or if you have had them before heed my advice so you never get them again.
I had been very sick for over a year and had gotten quite rundown. I ended up with shingles that were horrifyingly painful.
When my grandmother heard I had them she made me take lots of B Vitamins. I took B-12, B-6, B Complex and Brewer's Yeast. She told me I had gotten them because my body was depleted of B vitamins and to never get shingles back I needed to keep taking them. I followed her advise hoping to never get them back. Just follow the directions on the bottles.
It has been many years and I have never gotten them back. I always advise anyone I hear talking about having shingles or reoccuring shingles to take them. I have been profusely thanked by a lot of them because they never got them back again.
I do not know how they work, I only know they have for many sufferers. Hope this helps many more shingle sufferers out there. It is nothing you want to go through more than once!

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Did you eat or rub brewers yeats on you?


This is fantastic. I have followed your advice and it worked like a charm. Thank you for sharing. People, this really does work and you must keep taking the vitamins but oh how it works....


That seems like a lot of vitamins to take at once ... Is it ok to do this?

Miss Z. Barnett-Parker

Run, do not walk and get the above items - I also drank 2 (two)tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8(eight) ounces of water 3 (three) times a day.
I applied the apple cider vinegar to the site of the burning on the skin site. The apple cider vinegar worked better at killing the pain than the $85.00 per 30 grams of topical anesthesic ordered by my M.D. CAUTION: I did not apply the apple cider vinegar to open/raw blisters. I am not suggesting that you do this as I have no experience with applying it to open breaks in the skin - this would be at your own discretion/risk.
I hope that this helps you - it got me to the point where I could wear clothing again and virtually pain free. Please note; An excellant way to soften cotton clothing follows, as you will need to have very, very, soft clothing on when you attempt to wear clothes, you may need to do the following several times to achieve maximum softness. Place three (3) cups of salt (common table salt) in the hot water of your washing machine and wash the clothes that you want softened. I also added apple cider vinegar as a softening agent - merely poured about 1/2 of a 32 oz. bottle in the wash - that is 16 (sixteen)oz.s in the hot wash water with the salt. I dryed my clothing WITHOUT heat and this helped immensely. Do Not Crowd your clothing in the washer - only lightly fill wash tub with clothing. I hope this helps you - it certainly did me - after three (3) futile and expensive months of treatment by M.D. Good luck and no, no chocolate or nuts - nope, not even a tiny bit - for surely you will regret it. Best Wishes for your relief and recovery.

Sharon Campbell

i had the typical burning, sensitivity to touch pain, and fatigue, associated with shingles, however the rash and low grade fever were absent. That is what through me off trying to figure out what this pain was...i did the aspirin and Vaseline which gave temporary relief, but it was the B vits that really did the trick... it may take up to, 2-3 days for mild to normal cases, and 2 weeks for extreme cases...i am hearing about more and more people that are needlessly suffering with shingles for up to 1-3 years(i thought i would loose my mind after 1 month!) all the while, taking the prescribed anti viral meds, creams, and vaccinations. Now to see, all along it was this simple, inexpensive remedy that did the trick, and almost immediately in my case. All the B vitamins (B complex, B-12, B-6, Brewers Yeast) help to support the brain, and organs. It is also a natural 'stress reducer' for the body... and stress, is what they feel, brings on shingles...
i feel most Americans are deficient in B vitamins, only because we are eating less and less of good, grass-fed, organic, red meats and organ meats (i have been a vegetarian for years) Why? Because it has been told to us and fed to us by the AMA. Red meat has become a 'by word' to most Dr's and especially the Heart Association. All the B's the body needs, are found in HEALTHY red meats and organ meats, and in Kefir grains/ now the FDA/pharmaceutical company's (one in the same) has come up with a 'brilliant' plan... another vaccine to 'prevent' yet another 'epidemic' (hum?) that can be avoided just by eating, once in awhile, a simple food that will allow our body's to do what it is meant to do...Heal its self and prevent most of these diseases. Hence the 'SHINGLES EPIDEMIC' has occurred and is here, and also a few more billion dollars in the pockets of the pharmaceutical company's!
i am a home care nurse and will be teaching this to my patients who have been diagnosed with shingles and as a prevention also. Thank you and bless you for this info.



please tell me how much of the vitamins B should i take. i take now only.
B-12 5000 mcg.


Well I take B vitamins everyday and still got shingles so this obviously is not a cure, which by definition a cure gets rid of not prevents something. Also shingles normally only affects a person once so I'm sure you just haven't been re affected.


I have currently got shingles for the second time in my life, and I take a Vitamin B complex tablet every day. Tea tree oil is helping the rash and the doctor prescribed acyclovir for me. I also bought calamine but I am using the tea tree oil by sprinkling it liberally over the rash.

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