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If u Want remove temprory sore thorat just u get u thru nigh.
1. Cut A Lime not lemon
2.Apply half of tablespoon of salt
3.last put lime in ur mouth and suck the juice of the lemon it's to sour but trust me it help's

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I think, judging by your grammar, you've sucked on too many lemons yourself.


please learn how to speak and also learn the difference between limes and lemons.


first you say: lime not a lemon, then you say: suck on the lemon but not a lemon because they're too sour. thank you, that was not helpful at all.


Take it easy guys, I'm sure this person was just trying to be helpful. We can all be a little more understanding towards others, especially when not feeling well.


Enough of the lecture. The person who posted this is inept.


No kidding. Take it easy. Is all you have to do is joke on people's suggestions.Get a life.


How old are we? This person just made a simple mistake, there is absolutely no reason to crucify them. I'm pretty sure you that all of you aren't perfect. It kills me as to how rude people are these days. Grow up!


Haha you are right, it definitely was sour. It seemed to have worked right away, and it actually kinda hurt at first but then my throat was instantly relieved,I'm not sure how long it's going to last, but I'd definitely reccommend it.


Hey Jar, Thanks for ur contribution. Dont mind the stupids,they are just that stupids who dont amount to anything. we dont care about them, we only care for those who appreciate the contribution and can get help by it.


Sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh as I stumbled through your entry. After I made out what I was supposed to do, I tried it and it helped me get the best sleep I've had in ages! It was definitely worth the bit of work to get the 'just' of the article, thanks for the help.

And you're right, it's pretty sour!

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