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Long time ago the itching was making me nuts, and I had no ointment or way to get to the store. I sprayed the old fashioned (not perfumed) lysol between my toes. It burned like an S.O.B.(!!!!) but the fungus was GONE. I can't remember if I rinsed it, but probably. It hurt, but sure was effective.

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I thought this website was for home remedies that are safe. Lysol is about the furthest thing from 'safe'.


lol damn that is funny, man as long as it worked

mother nature's gal

damn funny? Not really. According to a respondant on Yahoo answers with a Ph.D. in Biochem and BS in Chem: 'prior to several years ago the main active ingredients of Lysol weree alkylated phenols of various types..cresols in particular. Even chlrophenols were a small part of the mix. At one time hexyl resorcinol was preferred ( now banned )...Those are for the most part not used in modern day Lysol preps in the US. Today quaternary ammonium compounds , such as benzalkonium chloride are used.'

Benzalkonium chloride is highly toxic to the environment (and actually is considered mildly toxic or 'safe' for human beings). See entry at, also for o-phenylphenol which apparently is still in some Lysol products. In any event, the stuff is meant for household cleaning, not for use in or on the human body.


That is the funniest thing ever!! I'm still laughing my a$$ off!! Hey, whatever works. I once knew a guy in the service who got the crabs & damn if he didn't go under the sink & pull out a can of Raid!! & sprayed himself down good. Killed em immediately. The crabs, not him. He still living I think. Crab free too!!


I too have used my equate brand for lysol, the fungus killing one mind you. It is the only thing that helped. It does sting at first but it sure stopped the itching! My foot is clearing up. I am also going to try soaking my foot in epson salt in a pan with shampoo to see if that soothes.


I've tried Lysol and it helps but doesn't seem to wipe it out.
I got a can of Amphyl at work a few years back. Wish i still had it because one dose and it was gone... every time! It burned like hell if you have open blisters (obviously) but fan it with a book or magazine and it cleared it right up in one application!


Amazing... I had a friend who would snort lysol whenever he started getting a head cold. I REALLY don't recommend it, but he was a 50-something Philosophy professor, and he's been doing it for decades, so...?
One comment about the comment on benzalkonium chloride... it's used in every hospital as a topical disinfectant, especially for those sensitive to alcohol or iodine. If you've ever used a 'no sting' over-the-counter disinfectant spray on your kid's scraped knee, you've used benzalkonium chloride.

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