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All of the advice on here has been so great; I would like to thank all of you. I kind of read through and came up with a game plan. I have chronic boils in the private area. One got so bad it burst in my blood stream and caused Sepsis; I barely survived that one so these 'Boils' are no game. They are painful, they are embarrassing and I can not seem to ever just get rid of them. I am like a few of you that posted here; I always had at least one on me. Every doctor I have been too gives me expensive creams that insurance does not cover, so ... Here is what I decided to do with all of your advice and it has worked. I no longer suffer from boils and if I do get one I get rid of it quick!

Here is what you do...
FIRST AND FORMOST ... DO NOT SQUEEZE, let it rupture on its own, you do not want it going into your bloodstream.
1st - Daily - I bought them at CVS ($4) they were in the soap section, CVS brand antibacterial wipes. Not the ones in the cleaning section that are for counter tops, lol, they actually have some in the soap section used for hands and body. I use these twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. It was easier for me having it in a wipe; I keep them on the bathroom counter. Cleanse all around to about mid thigh, this alone has minimized my boils, so if anyone has the miracle of getting rid of them to where they never come back … PLEASE let me in on the secret.
2nd - Should you have a flare up, and its small and not painful you can get quick results by using the Ichthemol Ointment, you have to actually ask the pharmacist for it, but you do not have to have a prescription and it is about $3. It is truly the MIRACLE CREAM!! It stinks, but it works. Apply generously and cover. If its stubborn and did not pop on its own over night, apply your warm compresses of hot water and Epson salt for a good hour and then reapply the ointment, cover and go to bed.
This has been a true success for me, I swear I lived with these daily and now may deal with one about every 6 months. I still don't know why we get them though. Is it in our blood? Someone mentioned Detox-7 to help purify your blood of toxins that cause boils but I have had no success in finding this, so if anyone knows it would be greatly appreciated to us all I am sure to know what we can do to prevent the darn things from coming in the first place. Now I have only scars remaining. Thank you ALL!!

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It might be Hidradenitis Suppurativa


I have suffered from the same problem for over 30 years. Sweat glands that cause nothing but infections. There is something called breva wash that's good, but if you can get a prescription for phisohex, that works great when you see the beginnings of a boil. I also tried making a paste of baking soda and water and this successfully brought any boil to a head.


I've been suffering from awful chronic boils for over ten years. In that time, I have been in shape and very out of shape. I noticed they always come when I'm not drinking enough water, consuming too much sugar, salt and processed foods in general.

While it's a bacterial infection and processed foods don't contain bacteria, they do indeed create a perfect environment for the breeding of some awful infections. In my humble, wholly non-medical opinion, I think if you get chronic boils, you need to take necessary steps to facilitate the cleansing of your body from the inside out. step 1: drink water, water and more water. w/o packets of chemical flavoring. step 2: eat more veg and fruits and fiber step 3: move around, and make a habit of it.

Water should not be underestimated. It literally cleanses you from the inside out. With each glass of water and each trip to the toilet, you are flushing out chemicals and any other unwelcome foreign bodies. Cutting out processed foods and consuming more veg, is going to allow your colon to be cleaner. When your colon is not clean, bacteria fester. And moving around helps the machine (your body) to keep working effectively.

I simply find it hard to ignore the behavior of my boils when I am either following the above plan or ignoring it. And using anti-bacterial soap on the area, in the shower daily, definitely helps! :)


I agree with the person who says it may be HS. I have chronic HS and have been prescribed over 100 antibiotics over the past 15 years.... to which none worked. Up until 4 months ago, I didn't even know of HS. I've since had my boils removed. I under-went surgery and had two (9' x 5' x 1.5') areas removed from my inner thigh and then skin graft. My second surgery (5 days ago) removed the boils from the inside of my buttocks... Next will be my armpits. So far, as I set here with over 50 staples, I haven't had the smell and pain that I have had for many years.


one doctor i have been too said that they were a type of staph infection. staph is something in your skin and he said that i just have more of it than most ppl. my dad and both siblings get the boils too. the doctor said that there isn't much to do to keep from getting them, just dont let them get really bad b4 doing something about it. he recommended using dial soap which has antibacterial and now they also make dial liquid shower gel which is nice bc he said that using a loofa or something that scrubs good will eliminate some of the staph and it will be less likely to get infected.


Hi you were asking about Detoxing. I would go and talk to someone at any of the natural food/ health stores. They all have detox systems. Also cut out all processed sugar and processed flour, and processed anything. Find or make a green drink and drink it as much as you can everyday. Boils are toxins building up in the system. Here is the thing when you start to detox there is something called detoxing/healing crisis... When the toxins start to come out of your system, you may get all kinds of stuff from minor skin rashes, to boils, and most likely a lot of trips the bathroom. There are things you can do to minimize these, but they are good as it is a sign the toxins are coming out! Just use your system to treat the boils if you get them, and drink tons of pure water!

I am currently detoxing right now... I have never had a boil in my life. I quit all sugar and processed foods and started just the green drink from a health food store, and the detox has been major and has been going on for a while now. I am going to have to actually do a formal herbal detox I believe soon here, and may do a 3 week totally vegan diet to get rid of the rest of the toxin and then go back to not vegan, but vegetarian diet. If you want to get rid of these permanently you will have to change your diet and get rid of the toxins!


If you get recurring boils frequently, you probably have HS which 1% get it abd is rare. There's no cure and barely any research, the only thing dr. Can do is give antibiotics or surgery, U would know because i've had 4 surgeries abd I'm only 24

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