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Last week I finally had enough pain in my back molar that I called the dentist and begged for an appointment to pull the tooth. He told me he couldn't pull it because it was infected so I would have to be put on antibiotics. I went to the ER and got oral antibiotics and pain relievers and went home. 2 days later the abscess was so bad it spread to my lymph nodes and invaded my trachea. I was rushed to the er and had to have emergency oral surgery to releive the pressure off my throat so I could breath again. I have never been so afraid of dying in my life and I just want all of you to know that while home remedies are some of the best out there don't play games with your health. If you are in pain you may need to see a doctor. Use your better judgment when it comes to your safety. The whole time I was being tubed and drugged and cut open I kept thinking my headstone would read....'here lies angie, she died from a toothache.'

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I am 58 years old and have all but 3 of my originl teeth. I suffered for years with wisdomteeth but there all in. I had my first root canal and the dentist said one bad vien and 4 good ones as he cleaned out the center of my tooth. I thought to myself why could not that tooth be saved. A medicated filling saved one years later when I spent 2000 dollars and ran out of money. Dentistry has not gotten better for decades as those who practice it have made it there money machine and kept people from learning to do dentistry at home and daily dentistry is unheard of. Think of stoping at the dentist chair once per week or even daily. There would be no cavities and dentist would have less cavity work, where the big money is for them. Well the dentistry community has to give an account for not progressing to zero cavities for our people. A modern slave.


If you cannot aford a dentist go to a Russian store here in the USA and buy antibiotics from them. You can get them without a priscription. Just say {Ya plateet antibeotics eta my Zooob}Price about 7 dollars USA. Poor folks in Russia and Ukraine can buy at local drug store in their country antibiotics without a prescription. Buy at your own risk. It will stop infection before it does more damage or kills you.

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