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Apply fresh mint juice to the face and especially affected areas at night before bed.

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Works Like A Charm :)

What you need:
1. Tweezers
2. Mirror
3. Skin Care Product or Home Remedies
(honey, cinnamon, salt water, toothpaste etc)

What you need to do:
Get you tweezers and locate the pimple you want gone! Place the tweezers so the pimple is in the middle of them and then squeeze.Make sure all the pus comes out because if not, another pus-filled pimple will grow. If it starts bleeding - wash with water. Then, apply product or remedy. Skin product - apply to area and then rub in or let dry. Remedy - honey for example - smother area in liquid or 'butter honey' and leave for as long as possible (even over night)(try adding cinnamon to honey for better result)While you wait read a magazine or sleep or something you enjoy doing!

The reason I am giving you this tip because my school camp is coming up and these remedies are working for me. I always get acne and these work like a charm!

Just one more tip . . . . If you want to try a skin care product, but don't know what one, try Clearasil 65 Pads. It totally works!

It works for me, and I have sensetive skin, so if it doesn't work for you please don't blame me. It worked for me so I am only trying to help :)

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