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Michael Bradford

I am from Oklahoma, and an avid outdoorsman. These pests are a part of it for me. They attack the sockline, then waistline, then arms unless you are laying down on the grass. They can also be in bushes and shrubs. Pets can track them in on carpets. You can't see them, so to prevent chiggers, simply use mosquito spray or a Deet product. If you get them, simply swab Clorox on the bites to kill the bugs. Scratching makes them dig deeper and itch worse. If they are a bad case, then take a bath with a few cubs of Clorox in it and get it as hot as possible. Keep a door or window open, or place a fan nearby to get rid of the fumes. After the bath, apply HydroCortisone cream for the itch. Before bed, apply Neosporin. Continue with Neosporin after that for healing. Then send me a million dollars for this advise. You will feel it's worth it.

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