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Ingrown toe nails are caused by eating too much sugar. Usually it's young kids that get ingrown toenails. I've seen this many times. A young person is board, say on a summer vacation. They sit at home eating sweet stuff and stressed out. After some days of living this way the cuticle around the big toe becomes inflamed (soft and red). The cuticle should be a strong tuff skin that borders the toenail. Sugar makes cuticle weak and prone to become inflamed. Many people have had red swollen cuticles that return to normal in a few days when the owner of the toe stops eating so much sugar and finds something to do with their time to get out of the bad mood or stressful situations. If the toenail becomes ingrown because of clipping the nail down too short at the cuticle then let it grow out. While it's growing out keep it medicated with neosporin every night and put a good elastic material type band-aid on it to keep it clean from infection. Once it becomes ingrown it can take two or three months to grown out above the end of cuticle. Young people will servive this. Elderly should see a doctor for possible root removal.

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This is in the top ten of all time stupidity. Good luck with your life, you will need it.


My dad is a podiatrist, I have been in the room when he has removed ingrown toenails. Not to mention worked for him for some time. Growing up as a kid he always always checked my shoes to make sure they fit right so I wouldn't get ingrown toenails. It is cause by small shoes or cutting your nails too short. It happens to people of ALL ages, not kids. Most people my dad removed nails for were people OVER the age of 18. Where did sugar come from ? Were you high when you posted this ?


What a complete moron! I have an ingrown toenail from dropping a ladder on my toe...not from sugar! Idiot!


Wow, that was obviously pulled right out of your butt!

u r 2 stupid

i have worked with the mentally retarded for 20+ years, and this the stupidest thing i have ever heard! you must have failed special ed.


Ingrown toenails can be a symptom of diabetes which is a possible symptom of eating too much sugar. Most of the time however, ingrown toenails are caused by improper trimming or damage of the nail that causes the it to grow back at a slightly angled direction.


check your spelling


Put the crack pipe down


Only rarely do I indulge in sugar yet here I sit with an ingrown toe nail!! So much for your odd theory..


Why is it that anytime a person has a problem with their body, sugar is the first to blame.

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