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I'm going through my first outbreak (I think) and what I've noticed bothered the area most was my vaginal secretions. I know this might not be a great idea, but I've started using tampons to keep any secretions from coming in contact with the sores. It has worked well so far, I make sure I change them often to avoid TSS, and as far as the string goes, I just tuck it in with the rest of it so it doesn't rub up against any of the sores. Hope this helps!

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Using tampons for that reason will easily spread the GH further inside the vaginal canal. I work for an OB?GYN and we have seen women do this and it ended up a lot worse


I agree with the last post. This actually will make the outbreak worse and as far as the changing the tampon that often to prevent TSS, you're actually doing what you should not do. Changing your tampon too often can also CAUSE TSS especially if you're not even on your period! Please be more careful with trying this stuff; if you're not sure of something you should consult a doctor first. I've had GH for about 7 years and never have this method been advised to me. Keeping the area clean, dry and ventilated is all there is need to help fast healing. There is no miracle that will get rid of this asap, only time.

miss g

actually ive had it for 16 years and use tampons during an outbreak and it hasnt had any negative effect.i find that when the area is moist or wet,it causes extreme itch and discomfort and has made my outbreaks longer and bigger.each to their own.i know using tampons too much isnt good but it has worked for me.


I appreciate your advice lady..but as a sufferer of HSV for the last 15 years I can tell you that tampon use is the reason we as woman have so many outbreaks, after our period, every month. When I got my period, I got an OB right after...and in talking to the Doc, they suggested not using tampons, and it really does help!

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