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Absolutely amazing!!! I too developed dry socket a couple of days after having all four wisdom teeth extracted. The red cross toothache kit has saved me from another night of dreadful pain. It is literally the same thing they gave me at the dentist!!! Try it! Thank you to all who posted before me!!

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I had dry socket 17 years ago when I had my wisdom teeth removed. One of them got infected (pus would come out of the socket if I pushed on the side of my face) but the dentist told me it was only dry socket and refused to give me any antibiotics, just the packing for dry socket. It stayed infected for over a month and finally healed.

A couple of years later, the back molar adjacent to the extraction site was bothering me a lot and felt loose. When my new dentist looked at it, he told me that I had significant bone loss behind the molar as a result of the infection from the wisdom tooth and the pocket between the bone and the tooth was trapping food particles. If you don't floss really well, those bacteria-laden particles cause major mayhem in there.

I have been having problems with that molar off and on ever since, which came to a head last Monday. I went into the dentist with the worst pain yet in that molar. It turns out that the pocket behind the tooth had gotten so deep (about 1/4') that it had become impossible to keep it cleaned out. The final decision was to just pull the tooth. Now I have dry socket from THIS extraction. This dentist did not give me antibiotics or packing for dry socket, just sent me home with minimal instructions, even though I told him about all the previous problems I had previously with dry socket and infection. By late last night, it was very clear to me that I have dry socket AGAIN -- I could see jawbone. It's the weekend and I knew I wouldn't be able to get into the dentist until Monday afternoon at the earliest, and would have to pay more money that I don't have to get examined again. Then I found this site. THANK YOU ALL so much for recommending the Red Cross Toothache kit. They had it in stock at the Walgreens up the road. I packed it in there and the pain went away immediately.

Contrary to the instructions (and a previous post) my instructions from my dentist the last time I had dry socket was to pack the socket with the treated gauze and leave it in there for 24 hours before changing. That's what I plan to do with this until it seems to be improving.

I didn't realize how much this toothache bothered me until the pain went away so suddenly. I can actually get some things done this weekend. My word of advice: go ahead and treat the pain as needed, but if you suspect there is an infection in there, got to the dentist and get antibiotics. If that dentist won't give you any, find one that will. I was young and dumb and assumed the dentist knew best. I am still suffering from pain -- and now, a missing molar -- almost 20 years after the fact.

Thanks again!!

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