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Enchanted SilverBroom

This is for mange in a dog. It sounds stupid but it works. Take bacon grease, just plan ordinary bacon grease, not the grease from maple sugar, or peppered bacon. Apply this to the mange areas on the dog using a metal teaspoon, really rub it in. Apply several times a day for 2 weeks. I have used this in a pinch and let me tell ya, it maybe messy but it works.

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It does really work.I had a mini daushund that had mange as a puppy i thought she was going to die.So i rubbed bacon grease all over her everday for about a week.Her hair grew back and she started eating again.She never had a problem again.I just got a puppy that is a pug mix the owner said he put the spot treatment on for fleas and she had an allergic reaction she looks bad her hair is falling out and her skin is very pink and hot to the touch,I,m not so sure its an allergy it could be mange so i am going to try the borax and peroxide this time and see how it works. I'll keep you posted.


i am wondering what u mean by bacon fat?
cook the bacon and use the fat or just rub on with raw bacon fat?....

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