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I am a woman who shaves my pubic region. for a while i hated that the top of my inner thighs would get bad razor burn. i found out that if you put dove nonsented deoderant applied daily keeps it away. good luck

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This works soooo well! This is the first time I ever got razor burn and in two min. the redness went down and it doesn't burn as much! Thank You!!!!!!


This works soooo well! I tend to get razor burn whenever I shave my legs and this not only completely got rid of the redness and irritation, but it also made my legs super soft! I would highly recommend people to try this. I know I'll keep using this method!!! Thank you so much to the person that came up with it! You're a genious!!!!!


Do not apply deodorant to freshly shaved areas, it's NOT good for your skin!!!!! Chemicals are released into your skin


Its antiperspirants that are harmful and not deodorants.


Just tried it myself and works u r genius !! do to limited sources i did use scented doesnt burn and i smell gggrrreeaat!


Can u send pics or your shaved region

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