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My Dog A 7 Month Old German Shepherd Got Mange. (How I Don't Know)I Had Taking Her To The Vet. The Vet Had Giving Me Some Cream. I Applied The Cream Twice A Day And It Helped But The Cream Didn't Take It Away. So I Looked Online For Something Else That Would Cure It. I Found This remedy That Calls For:
16 Oz Of Peroxide (a bottle)(2 cups)
4 Cups Of Warm Water
8 Tablespoons of Borax Detergent (found at Wal-Mart In The Detergent Isle)

I Put All Of That In A Bucket. Shampooed My Dog First in the tub. Then I Just Applied It On The Affected areas, Then got Her Whole Body with a sponge you can use a Rag to. I Just Chose a Sponge. And Used it all up DON'T RINSE your Dog let it stay on your dog, Let Your Dog Drop Dry. I Just Layed A Towel On Her Favorite Spot and let her dry. It Cleared Up Over Night. My Dog Is Totally A New Dog. She Dont Itch no more. I am Gong To Do This Again In About A Week To Make Sure The Mange Is Gone. This Remedy Is A Wonder!

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i found borax at meijers

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