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My Dog A 7 Month Old German Shepherd Got Mange. (How I Don't Know)I Had Taking Her To The Vet. The Vet Had Giving Me Some Cream. I Applied The Cream Twice A Day And It Helped But The Cream Didn't Take It Away. So I Looked Online For Something Else That Would Cure It. I Found This remedy That Calls For:
16 Oz Of Peroxide (a bottle)(2 cups)
4 Cups Of Warm Water
8 Tablespoons of Borax Detergent (found at Wal-Mart In The Detergent Isle)

I Put All Of That In A Bucket. Shampooed My Dog First in the tub. Then I Just Applied It On The Affected areas, Then got Her Whole Body with a sponge you can use a Rag to. I Just Chose a Sponge. And Used it all up DON'T RINSE your Dog let it stay on your dog, Let Your Dog Drop Dry. I Just Layed A Towel On Her Favorite Spot and let her dry. It Cleared Up Over Night. My Dog Is Totally A New Dog. She Dont Itch no more. I am Gong To Do This Again In About A Week To Make Sure The Mange Is Gone. This Remedy Is A Wonder!

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I cant find this borax stuff at my wallmart, is there anything else I can substitute for that???




its in with the bleach


borax is on the bleach and washing powder aisle in a box.


It is called 20 mule team borax in a box in laundry isle at walmart or most grocery stores


does it work????


I am going to try it tonight 10/13/09. I will post a note shortly to tell you if it actually works! Keep your fingers crossed, poor puppy I thought it was just allergies. I got him one month ago and he had it on his face. Outdoor dog then indoor now. I feel so guilty that he has had it so long, but it is only on his face. Five month old blue and red heeler.


still haven't noticed a difference. I bathed him again today and will try the paste on half and try balmex on the other side.


This is only a few minutes after I posted. Balmex is letting him sleep! Itching is gone!!! Hopeing it actually helps cure it. I did put the paste on under one pit, but after seeing him sleeping even with me putting balmex on him I'm sold on the antiitch med in balmex. He hasn't slept like this at all since we got him over a month ago. Will keep you posted.


Our Chihuahua mix was experiencing the constant scratching & biting of his paws too. He was red on his entire under side & along the inside of his legs & under his chin.He was also whipping his head back & forth so we figured he had Mange in there too. He began to lose hair in those areas too. We didn't have the money to take him to a vet so we tried this peroxide/Boraxo combo. WOW! what a difference. We filled the sink with the solution,so he was standing in it during his entire bath. We poured it on his back & completely saturated him. After about 15 minutes we gave him a slight towel dry & let him run around in the backyard. Other than flapping his ears he never once began to bite at his paws. After he dried off we brought him inside and he layed on his blanket, which had been washed, and fell asleep, it's probably the 1st good sleep he's had in months. Not once did he start biting again. We are sold. We're gonna stock up on peroxide & Boraxo & give him a bath twice a week to make sure its gone. I just hope he stays healthy, it tore us up to see him in such misery!!

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