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I had a clogged right ear for 5 days. My solution was to boil a cup of water, and placed my ear over the cup and let the steam loosen up the ear wax. It popped clear about 2 hours later.

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my ears have been cloged for a week and its scary. i have tring every thing. pills,drop and other remedies and i hope as simple as this one is that it works.


Ty a product that does this same thing and was designed for it. It is called an Ear Ease and is a special water bottle for the ear that heats up your inner ear and causes the eustachian tube to rleax and release the pressure as it drains. I found the Ear Ease on line at a couple of different sites on line.


this guys a genius, clogged ears 2 weeks, boil some water put ear over it, after about 20 min and a few re-heats of water later i had wax draining outa my ear. and can finally hear again.


i still cant believe this works, im in shock, cost=water its stupid water is no longer free in ontario canada the land of the free uhuh whatever,... i used to use ear drops and a heating pad which always worked but i no longer have those things, tried this, its simple easy, evaporates into your ear, dips out.
side effects will contain a wet ear.


the pressure went away almost instantly for me. My ears just felt exhausted, you would say, from being clogged for 3-4 days. I even put my head over steaming water and it cleared my nose up after I had gotten up from my nap.


didn't work for me =( On to the next one...


definitly works, my boyfriends say's you're awesome. he recommends that you stretch when you yawn because it works more muscles in your jaw. thanks again, quick remedy!

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