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Apple Cider Vinegar. I had no idea what a plantar wart even was when I first got one on my foot. My feet are pretty spotless most of the time so I had to do some research on my own matching symptoms to find out what had afflicted me. None of the options for a cure seemed very quick or appealing to me: Freezing it off, starving it of oxygen, using acids?

I looked into other options, and then came upon these nature-based remedies. I've never tried nature-based remedies and to be honest, I was reallllyyy skeptical. After all, I couldn't even know if any of these people were telling the truth; it's the internet after all. However, as it was only cheap apple cider vinegar, there wasn't really anything to lose, and applying a little bit overnight with a soaked cotton ball under a band-aid didn't sound so bad.

I tried it, and the first night there wasn't really a difference. The area on my foot was pale from being under the band-aid, and it looked damp from the apple cider vinegar. Still, I kept at it.

I didn't even really notice it, but what do you know, within two weeks time the dastardly plantar wart was gone! That thing was so awful--it hurt, it was unattractive, and I had heard stories about plantar warts remaining for years.

I think the time it takes for the vinegar to work varies, but if you keep at it, it could definitely work for you, and there isn't much to lose, anyway. Take it from a cynic who knows.

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