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V. Williams

At 16 I had classic migraines including a white spot in the center of my visual field, or the aura, a wavy line thru my visual field for about 20 min. After that came incapacitating headache with slight loss of control of the left side of my body. Very upset stomach and aversion to light. Lasted as long as three days. I had these several times per year particularly after finals or stress. Went to the head doctor at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Clinic. He said, forget the drugs. At the first sign of migraine rebalance the parasympathic nervous system by taking a hot and cold shower. 5 min of each as hot and cold as you can manage. Stop brow beating yourself and stop worrying about stuff especially in the past.
So I tried it. I'd get in the shower and remind myself that everying was really OK, and I was OK too. After 20 min no more symptoms! Learned to stop pushing myself so hard, and to meditate. Now years go by without even the start of a migraine.
Worked for me. (Once I even applied hot and cold paper towels in an airport bathroom and that worked too!)

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When i read this I thought it couldn't possibly help the pain i had, it was that intense. But i tried the shower and it made all the difference in the world. Thanks for helping me find a way to deal with my classic migraines!


doing the hot cold thing is supposed to be really good for your immune system too!


I'm 32 years old, been getting migraines my whole life. I discovered something very similar to your remedy a while back when trying to induce the 'chills' sensation i usually get after vomiting (I was looking for a less disgusting way of getting rid of migraines).

Here's my variation on it. I'll eat a few asprin and then sit in a dark shower. I'll have the temperature as cold as I can stand and then once I'm used to it, turn the temperature up as hot as I can stand. Once I'm used to the hot, I'll turn it back to cold. It works most of the time.


The only thing to be careful of with this method is the possibility of fainting. I remember being around eight years old when my father developed one of his classic migraines. He did the hot/cold shower and promptly passed out cold. That was quite a scary day for me, as a kid.

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