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I have had a plantar wart on my right foot for over five years. I was a modern dancer for years (this is done barefoot) and picked it up from the floor. This happened in the past, but I was always able to get rid of those warts by putting Vitamin E on them.

This time, I have tried Vitamin E, over-the-counter products (acid and freezing), tea tree oil, garlic, duct tape, etc. My obstacle was not so much that none of these worked, because they might have, but it was in sticking with one of them. I couldn't see any progress, or it would stop hurting, so I would sort of forget. The wart is now about the size of the pad of my thumb-BIG. ANNOYING. MY NEMESIS. I HAD THIS WART THROUGH MY PREGNANCY.

Now I am using Apple Cider Vinegar. I am filing the wart at night with a Ped-Egg (a gift from my husband from the As Seen On Television store-I love my husband) and then putting a cotton ball soaked in ACV on the wart with a band-aid while I sleep. I am then wetting the pad of a new band-aid with ACV in the morning and wearing that during the day.

The first morning I did this I saw the black dots, and now I am seeing real progress. The progress is addictive, and I have been treating the wart faithfully. It is sore but manageable. I think the whole process will take a couple months, but I am in it for the long haul now. Die, wart, die.

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