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Crush a clove of garlic and rub the juice on the affected areas. Also, eat a couple of cloves of raw garlic in the morning.

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I don't know if this works or not because it stung my face so bad that I had to wash it off right away! ..and no, I am NOT allergic to garlic!


excessive eating of garlic will cause you a body odor..


Eating a whole garlic clove for me is too much. Its too spicy and then my stomach feels sick after. Almost like Im going to throw up.

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uhm it works if your not a baby and u want results and stand the stinging,thanx for the tip.


This person is obviously full of shit.


garlic is a natural healing product used for 100s of years. no matter what it usually come down to the skin type.
it is a good idea to eat garlic as it kills a lot of germs though if you eat too much it will cause bad body odour.


r u sure it will work?? i'm 10 and this is my first pimple and i can not stand it!!! i have school 2morrow and i dunno if i should try nething!!!!! i might try toothpaste but people r saying no!! don't put toothpaste on it!! and i dunno what 2 do!!!!

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