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A sore throat in the middle of the night woke me up. I went into the kitchen and poured a small glass of water and put about 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in (non pasturized) Instantly my throat felt better!

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Scott from Michigan

I just tried apple cider vinegar a cup of warm water and maple syrup it still took a lot to get it down but it did help I still feel some soreness but it did help a lot I have had a sore throat for four days and this is the best I felt! I will keep doing this until it is gone as long as my sore throat is at a minimum.

Heather Murphy!

I am trying it now & the smell & taste are horrible. I recommend just chugging it. No need to just sip because the taste isn't that great. Also, try not to smell it before drinking it. I didn't smell it because I read it was bad tasting.

I just chugged as much as possible & seriously almost threw up. It IS nasty so do it over the trash, toilet or sink. I can say though, my throat is a bit relieved.


what if i dont apple cinder vineger ? what else can i use?


It works! Add honey, a few cloves, some slices of ginger, and cayenne pepper. Magic!

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