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A sore throat in the middle of the night woke me up. I went into the kitchen and poured a small glass of water and put about 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in (non pasturized) Instantly my throat felt better!

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Tiffany Da Baddest ')

OMG THIS STUFF TAKES LIKE 2 DAYS OLD HONEY!!!!!!!!! LOL ') but it woks thanxz so much!!!! Love, - Tiffany Da Baddest!! ')


I have a sore throat companied by a cough, I tried the remedy and it has relief some of the pain and coughing. I only used 1 TBS of the vinager and i did use honey. It doesnt taste to bad but maybe with the 2 TSB of the vinager its gross.


Stupid bastard... 'pooring'... If you're trying to make fun of someone and look smart, failed in both cases by the way, try to at least spell your basic words correctly, ass wipe.


. THIS SUPPOSE TO BE A EDUCATED PROVIDING WEBSITE AND YAll cursing and all kinds of negative things on her yall need to grow up and stop all the none since.. and I'm sick fa real so I'm using it fa that not what yall talking bout
-t baby- thanks(: bye!


My sore throat just started about a couple of hours ago, so I wanted to try to stop it before it got too bad. I'm currently trying this remedy. The taste is awful (adding some honey makes it at least bearable), but it does seem to ease the pain. I'm going to finish this cup and hope for the best.


thank you so much that stuff really works!! i feel so much better


Hi. Uhm. I was uhm... Just wondering. Uhm I tried the goat piss thing. And uh I kinda swallowed instead of gargling
it. Since that's what I'm used to.. Yah dig? And it made me sick. Now I cant talk. But see... My doctor diagnosed me with herpes of the mouth. And he said.. See what he had said was... That the herpes wouldn't affect my voice. But now. I cant talk. So I was just uhm wondering if this goat piss could have affected it.


hot water
apple cider vinegar
cayene pepper
lemon juice
and ginger
it tastes like you would imagine


I was skeptical but I have it a try and it WORKED instantly!! Frankly, I'm surprised it worked so well so fast. Thanks! I'm going back to sleep!


I was so skeptical after I smelled it, but i felt INSTANT relief!! Although it tasted disgusting, i'll definitely be recommending this to other people.

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