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A sore throat in the middle of the night woke me up. I went into the kitchen and poured a small glass of water and put about 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in (non pasturized) Instantly my throat felt better!

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really? pooring water and cider vinegar will help your throat? aren't you suppose to drink it or something? pooring it will really help?


To the wise cracker below. they obviously drake the remedy stuff. your just trying to feel smart for a change and say that because they forgot to say AND DRINK IT! big whoop! grow up .


it works better if you gargle goat piss afterwards. try it. no lie. :)


Did you really spell it as 'pooring'? If you want to be a wise ass, the least you can do is spell simple words correctly. It's 'pouring'.. Job well done! <- sarcasm.


okay so with all that said did anyone try the remedy???


I just tried it and it is really relieving my sore throat. I would recommend it! Finally some relief...Tasted like crap but, who cares I need sleep!


suffering from one of the worst throat aches I've ever had.

didnt have apple cider so I used red wine vinegar. I feel slightly better.


i tried this and it tasted like crap, almost threw up! lol but did make my throat feel better


this shit does not work


Hi my name is Tanesha & my sister sherell is sick & she is using this remedy right now so we are about 2 time how long it takes 4 this remedy 2 work :) thnxz

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