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Follow-Up on my previous post. This is Wed. 4-15-09. I spoke with the nurse at my oral surgeon's office about my routine - I have been rinsing with warm salt water frequently through the day, brushing (lightly around the dry socket) in the morning and flossing. At night I have been brushing (lightly around the dry socket) and flossing, irrigating the socket with warm salt water using a plastic syringe, after irrigating I have been applying the Red Cross Toothache clove soaked cotton ball into the socket for one or two mins. and then removing it. (folks the directions say to do this, DO NOT leave the cotton ball in there for an extended amount of time.) The socket needs open air to heal properly. The nurse also told me that the clove oil will prolong the healing time, so use it only when you really need to. She said once a day is fine. Also the dry socket will heal up by itself, you DO NOT have to go in there for a scrape job to form a new clot. She also said it is fine to take 600 millagrams of Ibuprofen every three to four hours. The reason I called in the first place was I was worried about infection, she said as long as you keep up with the irrigating and rinses you should not have a problem. She also informed me that standard healing time is about three to four weeks, so 'hold on', it will get better. My pain level since Monday night has been holding at a steady 2 or 3 on a 10 scale. It was about a 7 on Monday afternoon before using the Red Cross Toothache Kit.

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