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I had a very routine extraction of a partial tooth, right bottom side, small front molar, which was not causing me any problems at all before hand, on Tues. 4-7-09. Wedns. no problem, Thurs. no problem, Friday, woke up with a dull pain at the extraction site, Friday got worse during the day, the tooth next to the site was really sore to the touch or slight bite-down. Never having a dry socket before I thought that the tooth itself was going south on me. Sat., more pain but managable with Alieve. Sun, more pain, but still tolerable. Monday, starting to get to me pretty bad. Called the dentist office and the nurse tells me that I probably have a dry socket and to call back later if it gets any worse. I get on the internet and start 'looking into this', yep, I've got a dry socket alright. Went to Wallgreens last night on the way home from work and got the Red Cross Toothache kit, and man you guys were right, that dude worked great. Used it last night at 7:30pm and haven't had near the pain since. It is now 9:00am Tues. and it still feels pretty good. Thanks for the advice folks. Now, how long is it going to take until this dude heals up?

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