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Hi, I'm 53 and have never had psoriasis before now....I have been to 3 different doctors..all their meds just didn't help much...My primary doctor did a blood test and I was low in vitamin B12 and zinc..I have been taking them for about 2months and have noticed finally my palms and the sole of my feet are getting better ....

Good luck

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Find a GOOD Homeopathist! That works for me... honestly.

kim in sc

Ive had psoriasis for 25 years and just found that dead sea salt and a spray bottle work wonders on it. Just mix 2 tablespoons sea salt and 2 cups warm water in bottle and apply to affected areas. it worked really great for my scalp.


I followed your remedy & the itching is gone. I take 1 B12 and 1 Zinc supplement each day. Psorasis is a strange thing. I'm 47 and it just appeared on my legs out of nowhere. Thanks for your post, it helped me alot.

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